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We have developed our own quality standard, which allows the consumer to obtain the right technical solution for energy efficiency.

By varying the variety of materials offered on the market, it is possible to reach such peaks that allow us to proudly say - we produce energy-efficient, efficient, health-friendly, easy-to-assemble and easy-to-manage homes.


The company manufactures energy-efficient houses, building elements, and roof trusses.

We have a variety of wooden solutions, from the construction of a terrace, sauna, house, or agricultural facility, to the production of industrial buildings and their elements.

With us, each client or cooperation partner can find the solution they want - whether it is a one-story private house or a multi-story public building.

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The technical support of the factory allows building buildings quickly, easily, and financially more profitably. Our standard wooden house panels provide thermal conductivity up to U = 0.13 W / m²K.

Prefabricated busbar elements have a significant economic effect.

MiTek's computer program helps to construct and calculate the required characteristics, while the Randek 35t press using MiTek's perforated 1.5-2.0mm nail plates allows to obtain almost unlimited solutions.


SILVER STANDART HOUSES is one of the few manufacturers of wooden trusses in Latvia, which has acquired the right to mark its product with the CE mark, certifying that the product complies with the standard.

The ISO 9001 standard marks the current certification of the quality management system in the company's production processes.

BREEAM - a method of sustainable construction, for cooperation with a socially responsible manufacturer


Wooden panel buildings are a type of private house construction that has preserved the advantages of traditional wooden buildings and reduced their disadvantages. It is human-friendly, creates optimal living conditions, and when properly built, it provides excellent comfort, fire safety, and significant savings on heating costs. The available technical support of the "Silver Standart Houses" production plant allows to build buildings quickly, easily, and financially more profitably.


Wooden panel or wooden frame private houses are the highest quality product of "Silver Standart Houses", with extremely energy efficient and comfortable solutions. It is characterized by a constant indoor microclimate, low energy consumption and an exceptionally high degree of thermal insulation. The amount of heating energy required for such wooden houses can be provided by internal heat sources, but the need for additional energy is obtained from renewable resources. Achieving the required standards requires careful planning, choice of materials and execution. The thermal insulation of the house structures is 320 mm - 500 mm thick, where in a particularly dense enclosing design, controlled fresh air exchange is ensured by a special ventilation system with air heat and moisture recovery function.


This type of product provides additional solutions to the growing demand by improving the environment when the house is already built, but new desires for a compact lifestyle arise. We offer the production of various wooden frame constructions and technical support for such structures as saunas, garages, sheds or very simple garden houses, barns. Like buildings, non-degraded lumber can be used for farmers in many places.


The solution for farmers is a simple type of much-needed functional buildings manufactured and built by us, such as: technical sheds, animal barns, stables and even wooden hangars up to 20 m wide, without support columns. These are building constructions that are simple and quick to produce, buildings are a cost-effective solution because they do not provide internal finishing and it is possible to use lumber in many places in the construction, which significantly reduces the total cost of construction.

"Silver Standart Houses" offer to equip your house with a terrace, for the construction of which you can choose several offered types of wood. The offer consists of a pressure-impregnated pine frame with pine or larch terrace boards, which can be treated with tinted oil or glaze paint.


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