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Why wooden houses are good for your health?

In a world where people are spending more and more time at home, it is essential to create an environment around you that keeps you productive during the day and relaxed in the evening.

Wood buildings have been around for centuries and the benefits of living in them have been researched for quite a while now.

We have gathered the main points that explain why wood houses are better for health.

  • Wood is soothing, aesthetically pleasing, and performs well acoustically. It absorbs sounds and creates a calming, relaxing atmosphere.

  • Log buildings naturally promote good health. Solid wood has the unique ability to absorb moisture and release it back into the air as the room dries. This balances the indoor air humidity to a level between 30 – 50 % which is optimal for the health of the people living inside.

  • Numerous studies have demonstrated that environments with wooden structures lower blood pressure and heart rate and induce feelings of relaxation. It seems that wooden environments reduce stress, just like walking in the woods.

A classroom study conducted in Austria showed that a solid wood classroom could positively affect the mental and physical health of children. In this study, students in the solid wood classroom were demonstrated to be healthier, calmer, and less stressed than those who studied in traditional classrooms. The tests, which took place over a period of more than a year in Ennstal, Austria, involved two classrooms with massive wood walls and two traditional classrooms for comparison. Scientists from Joanneum Research measured the students’ pulse. The average pulse rate of the students in the classrooms with massive wood walls was lower than that of the students who studied in the traditional classrooms by 8,600 beats per day. This comes down to approximately 6 beats per minute. The study also concluded that the children were more relaxed at home after school and their powers of recovery were far greater (Human Research Institut).

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