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We understand that not many people know much about the process of constructing a house and details that revolve around it so we have gathered frequently asked questions and provided answers. 


In case you have questions that aren't covered here, you can reach us by sending an e-mail to . 

What does "key ready" mean?

Price "key ready" includes

  • Project drawings.

  • Reinforced concrete slab / pad 250-300mm (plot leveling costs are not included as it is very different from each situation)

  • Facade plaster (similar look as concrete) or painted wooden cladding, Scandinavian spruce, or pine.

  • Aluminum windows white or grey.

  • Insulated timber frame walls 145mm

  • Roofing tiles or sheet metal roofing.

  • Wooden flooring 28mm spruce or pine floorboards with insulation.

  • Hydraulic system with outlets for WC, shower, and kitchen.

  • Electric installation with sockets and switches.

  • Kitchen furniture including the sink.

  • Fitted wardrobe

  • Solar heating system for water.

  • Internal wall design made of plasterboards, painted.

Why wood is a better building material than concrete?

In this blog post, you'll find all the necessary information - Wood - the future of sustainable architecture and building

Are the provided designs set or is there a possibility to alter them

The projects we post are just insight and a visualization of the homes we make or have made to inspire you or to help you find the best style and solution for your home. If you are looking for something bigger/smaller, with another room, a deck, or a sauna, we can personalize each project to fit your needs. 

Does double the size mean double the price?

No, it definitely does not mean double the price necessarily if you are willing to upgrade your house by another bedroom or any other room. By proportionally making the house two times bigger, the material consumption does not grow by the size of the house, so the cost will not be double.  

What does "basement/foundation" mean?

Basement/foundation in our case means the base concrete foundation under the home. (The price of it depends on the plot soil the house is being built on)

What’s the difference between timber frame and log house?

Watch this video to understand whats the difference between timber frame and log house - The difference of Timber frame VS Log house

Are wooden houses a fire hazard, seasonal, fragile, more expensive?

Here's an article debunking all of the myths surrounding wooden houses - Debunking silly myths about wooden houses

What’s the delivery time?

The complete process with product preparation, packing, shipping, and delivering to the site takes starting from 4 months.

Do I need a construction/building permit to build a house on my property?

According to law a building permit is necessary for any construction process even for a terrace or kiosk.

How long does it take to build a house?

The construction process for smaller projects like garden houses can take from a couple of days to two weeks but bigger projects like log or timber frame houses can take anywhere from 2 to 6 months. 


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