Construction of houses is a complex process, which requires simultaneous coordination of more than ten processes, from the delivery of the materials to the author’s supervision of the project. We use modern project management tools that make the processes transparent and manageable in our work.

One of our most demanded solutions for the construction of houses is the construction of houses of timber with double timber walls, which are unique due to their simple solutions and high energy efficiency. This method of construction of houses is the only one that preserves the essence of a wooden house and meets the requirements of the construction regulations for energy efficiency.

The double timber technology has relatively recently appeared in Latvia, but it has proved itself of very high energy efficiency, which helps the owners of such houses to save really impressive amounts of money. For example, the boiler of 5-10 kW will be sufficient in a house of 120 m2, so the costs of heating and water heating in the moderate weather conditions will be only 45 euros per month. Visually this solution will be as aesthetic as the classic timber, but in terms of energy efficiency, it will be vastly superior.

When choosing houses built by our company you will receive:

  • houses with high energy efficiency and fire safety;

  • house project coordinated in the construction department;

  • building with a heat transfer coefficient U W/m²k, which cannot be provided by classic block houses;

  • the opportunity to choose one of the standard projects or, in cooperation with the Latvian architects, to develop an individual house project;

  • house in accordance with the requirements of the construction regulations of Cyprus, which can be insured and put into operation, in contrast to the classic block house (in the documents classic block houses are executed as summer houses, therefore their insurance implies high costs);

  • Development of sketches and complete projects within 6 weeks;

  • Execution of quality works within coordinated time periods by skilled and experienced constructors.